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For all our customers we offer only premium quality products, fresh and well-groomed flowers.

  • Rose Specialists

    If roses are what you are looking for, then you have found the perfect place!

  • Superior Quality

    We are direct importers of flowers from farms in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya, so our flowers are of the highest quality and freshness.

  • Flower Care

    A quality flower must be very well cared for and we are the best at it!

  • Flower Diversity

    We have a great variety of flowers with unique characteristics, be it either odor, color or shape.

We have an Excelent Selection of Flowers


Fresco VERDE is a brand born of the founder’s passion for flowers, especially for roses.

We looked for the world’s most beautiful roses and we stopped at the farms in Ecuador and Kenya renowned for both the variety of flowers, their lively colors and the premium quality of the roses. We personally visited their farms located at altitudes of over 2,000 m, providing permanent sunlight and optimal development temperature for roses.

Why did we choose the producers in Ecuador and Kenya to define the specifics of our business? Because worldwide in the flora industry there is a transfer of interest centers from traditional growers to countries with a better climate and more accessible productions and labor conditions. And if we can get access to prettier, more durable and cheaper roses, why not benefit from these assets together?

We have established strong solid partnership with reputable producers in these countries, holding exclusive varieties of flowers and importing them for the first time in Romania, these flowers are of unique varieties, colors and at a very affordable and competitive prices compared to other products on the market.

Every day, our team of specialists welcomes you and advises you in choosing the best solutions for your business! Benefit from specialized assistance in choosing the type of flowers, the right colors and the shelf life depending on the destination of each purchase. We always meet the needs of our customers with innovative design ideas, with accessories and emblematic decorations, but also with advice on maintaining the freshness and vitality of the flowers.

Here you can find the famous and nicely perfumed David Austin rose collection, specialized and perfect for wedding decorations and events at the best prices on the market!

Just as the growth of roses is often described as an art, but also as a science, our team also makes every effort to maintain the quality, vitality and freshness of the flowers once they arrive in our warehouse. Each thread is treated with great care, is controlled, cared and elegantly highlighted so that all storage conditions and standards of hygiene, temperature, humidity, brightness and quality are met. At well-established time interval, each bouquet is carefully controlled to give you only premium quality at unbeatable prices!

Wabara roses – for the first time in Romania

We are addressing, in principle, to florists, decorators, landscape artists, small entrepreneurs and event organizers.

We rely on an airline logistics department, so we always get the freshest roses within 24 hours of collecting them. For this reasons, we can guarantee a much longer life of the flowers.

We receive fresh flowers every week, and we have developed a network of partnerships with manufacturers and supplies in the Netherlands, Italy and Israel.

We offer a wide range of products, including roses and mini-rose (over 300 varieties and colors), peonies, orchids, tulips, freesias, lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, seasonal flowers: hyacinths, greens and accessories; many others. Upon request, we can import any types of flower and plant.

Our Staff

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Alexandra Constantin 

Customer Service Manager

Raluca Apostol

Customer Service Manager

Gabi Mariuc

Quality Control Manager / Sales Manager