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My name is Gabi, I work in the field of floral marketing since 1996. Over 1,200 trucks filled with flowers, or more than 50 million flowers, passed through my hands. My work has blossomed my love for this field, and I'm working in it even now.

The Flower Market has shifted spectacularly over the past few years, with flower varieties expanding exponentially each year. I believe that the market has evolved into the diversification of flower assortments. Many more varieties and types of flowers appear each year.
Originally, we imported flowers from the Netherlands which used to be of good quality, but in the last years
mports from the Netherlands, although increased in volume, suffered from a qualitative point of view. (Read More)


Valentine's Day - pe scurt

Valentine's Day - pe scurt />
Ce se intampla cu trandafirul rosu de e asa pretios??????? read more

9 Decorative Plants for Bouquets


9 Decorative Plants for Bouquets />
A bouquet shines best when it is surrounded by flowers and different types of greenery! From accacia purpurea to senecio, discover 9 decoraive fillets for floral arrangenents. 1. Moluccella  Moluccella has a long stem, lined with clusters of bell shaped flowers. This green is perfect for adding height and texture to the bouquets and central elements. And because it is said to symbolize luc... read more

10 Rules for Indoor Plant Care


10 Rules for Indoor Plant Care />
1. Do not drown them! Always remember that, like the leaves, the roots of the plants need air. If the land will be soaked in water for long periods of time, most plants may die! Learn to wet plants regularly to avoid this. 2. Respect their Rest Period Beginners are often surprise to find that almost all plants enter hibernation during the winter. This requires less water, less fertilizer and ... read more

Discover the Meaning of the Flowers you Buy


Discover the Meaning of the Flowers you Buy />
1. Garden Roses (Garden) Garden roses are a classic choice for wedding flowers and they go with almost every theme. The garden rose a gorgeous rose that replaces the peony with no problem a wonderful and fresh scent, available all year round. For the classic English Rose David Austin to the new roses like Japanese Garden Wabara, the market continues to develop on hundreds of new varieties... read more

The history of the holiday flowers


The history of the holiday flowers />
The winter season would not be complete without this gorgeous picture, brilliant lights on a tiled tree, but not just the Christmas tree deserves such a great attention. From ancient myths to modern traditions, we present some of the most popular decorations for the season. Madness after conifers Conifers do not lose their color or lose their needles in the winter. Their green color is perfe... read more