10 Rules for Indoor Plant Care />


1. Do not drown them!
Always remember that, like the leaves, the roots of the plants need air. If the land will be soaked in water for long periods of time, most plants may die! Learn to wet plants regularly to avoid this.

2. Respect their Rest Period
Beginners are often surprise to find that almost all plants enter hibernation during the winter. This requires less water, less fertilizer and less heat compared to the active growth period.

3. Accept the Loss of Seasonal Plants
Many of the plants received as gifts (chrysanthemums, gloxinia) will die within a few weeks if they are not planted in the garden, no matter how much attention you will give them.

4. Keep High Humidity
The atmosphere of the home, especially in winter, is dry like that of the desert. Learn to increase humidity by spraying water on leave or using vapors.

5. Treat the Possible Plant Diseases Urgently
Experts or beginners, sooner or later you will have to deal with the disease and parasites of your plants. If the health of a plant is not good due to inappropriate fertilization or chemical, you can take care of it immediately. An infestation should be treated with appropriate products. We will remedy any nutrient deficiencies with the right fertilizer. In other words, you learn to recognize the symptoms and need of your plant.

6. Group the Plants
Almost all plants look and grow better wen they sit together. Try to group plants that need similar growth conditions.

7. Change the Pot
After a year or two, many plants get a certain sensitivity and appears sick. The solution to many cases it is a simple change of the pot, which means replacing the old pot, which means replacing the old pot with a large one. Choose the most promising land!

8. Choose wisely!
Plants should be able to grow harmoniously in the environment we can offer. Even the best gardener could not grow a light-loving plant in a dark room. That’s why our advice is to choose plants as afar as you can.

9. Use the right tools! Our suggestion:
- Investing in a long and narrow beak sprinkler
- Buy a sprayer to ensure optimum plant moisture to spray the leaves and treat them against parasites
- Choose the best land
- The pots must be in our favor: choose the colorful and convenient to carry!
- Do not miss the rods to support the plant in its growth
- Take care that you pots have saucers so the water does not get on furniture or floor optimal fertilizer and anti-parasitic solutions will help you keep your plants healthy.
- To complete the “kit”, don’t forget the sponges to clean dust of the leaves, a spoon and a fork that you no longer use in the kitchen and a pair of scissors for cleaning.

10. Take into account the need of plants
Every plant has its secrets. Check out a good manual for plant care and keep an eye on our blog: you’ll find many useful tips! :)