9 Decorative Plants for Bouquets />


A bouquet shines best when it is surrounded by flowers and different types of greenery! From accacia purpurea to senecio, discover 9 decoraive fillets for floral arrangenents.

1. Moluccella 

Moluccella has a long stem, lined with clusters of bell shaped flowers.
This green is perfect for adding height and texture to the bouquets and
central elements. And because it is said to symbolize luck, you will not worry
on the wedding day! A product available throughout the year.

2. Dusty Miller (Senecio)

Representing happiness and delicacy, Dusty Miler (Senecio) folds
the very popular filling of bridal bouquets. Fruits softened and the silver
will be the perfect complement of romantic flowers such as roses garden,
ranunculus and peonies. A product available June – December.

3.Ruscus Italian

With rich green color and narrow tear leaves,
the Italian Ruscus makes a perfect filling.
The Glossy leave add a note of glam to any bouquet
of flowing arrangement. A product available all year round.

4.Sword Fern

Sword Fern is a bright green fern with long leaves, plane,
with sword-shaped leaves (hence the name).
Sword Fern looks perfect in tropical arrangements and is suitable
best for linear arrangements but also, looks great
in round arrangements. It is available throughout the year.


Ivy is another popular choice for wedding bouquet,
vintage or romantic. Its worry-free shape is a free,
unstructured. Ivy also has the perfect meaning for weddings,
because it represents love, affection, fidelity and friendship!
It is available throughout the year.

6.Baby Blue

Baby blue is, In my opinion, the most beautiful eucalyptus of all.
With an unusual shape and silver blue leaves, complement any type of flowers.
Available all year round.

7.Accacia Purpurea

Although available for a short period of time,
I can not fail to notice the special beauty of this kind of mimosa.
Playful, delicate and blue-purple themes,
it is perfect for the sauvage bouquets.
Available only in October, November, December.

8.Asparagus Falcatus

Asparagus Falcatus is a leaf with thin leaves
of a dark and brilliant green. Considering its resilience,
it can be used very well in any exterior arrangement.
Available all year round.

9.Green Bell (Thlapsi)

A true must have in the wedding season.
With a very delicate texture, it offers
a romantic accent to any arrangement.
It is available throughout the year.