Discover the Meaning of the Flowers you Buy />


1. Garden Roses (Garden)

Garden roses are a classic choice for wedding flowers
and they go with almost every theme. The garden rose
a gorgeous rose that replaces the peony
with no problem a wonderful and fresh scent,
available all year round.
For the classic English Rose David Austin to the new roses like Japanese Garden Wabara,
the market continues to develop on hundreds of new varieties of roses that imitate peony.
One of my favorites is White Ohara both as a blooming and odorous style.

2. Gardenia

Gardenia is a classic choice of wedding flowers for generations.
This sweet, flagrant flower symbolizes a few different things,
such as purity, love and sophistication, making them
a choice perfect for a bridal arrangement.
Their petals of white papers and lush green leaves makes them irresistible and versatile.
If you choose to include these inflorescences in your design,
you will need to create a faux stem, often tie or glued.

3. Iris

Iris is associated with wisdom and trust. Each strain shows
a beautiful flower with delicate petals and a striking yellow color.
Iris is known as a spring flower, but it is available
throughout the year. You can find the iris in a variety of
colors, such as white, yellow, purple and some blue shades

4. Liliac (Syringa)

The bat has many meanings in different cultures and times,
for example, magenta lily is said to symbolize passion
and purple lilac symbolizes first love.
It’s an excellent choice to add texture and
an odor to any arrangement.
The lilac comes in beautiful shade of purple, white and magenta
over a short period of time November – April.

5. Imperial Lily

Lilies are royal flower that symbolizes purity exquisite beauty.
More precisely, a white lily symbolizes modesty
and virginity, while an orange lily symbolizes passion and pride.
Lilies have a flower in shape of star
having an average of 3 to 5 flowers per stem.
They are available all year round and are offered in
more beautiful colors. In addition to their
stunning beauty, Lilies offer a sweet smell.

6. Lavender (Convallaria)

Lavander represents purity and also happiness, sweetness.
It has small, delicate bell-shaped flower and is particularly popular
for spring bouquets. Tears are available all year round.

7. The Rose

All Roses symbolize passionate love.
These traditions flowers are versatile, long lasting
and fragrant. They are perfect for special occasions.
With many varieties and colors to choose, simply
you can not make mistakes with roses!

8. Sunflower

Because sunflowers follows sunlight they are said to be warmth,
adoration and dedication or dedicated love.
We offer several sunflower varieties, from traditional
yellow with black belt to red and most varieties are available
throughout the year, so you’re bound to find the perfect option for your event.
The sunflower looks beautiful on its own,
but makes a nice pair with many other flowers such
as daisies, roses, solidago, lisianthus and many others.

9. Tulips

Tulips tend to be associated, for the most part with sweet
and pastel floral arrangements for spring announcement.
However, tulips are very capable of color, texture
and volume in everything, from arrangements to bouquets.
Given that tulips represent perfect love, adding them
them to the bridal bouquet means a statement of love
and of your faith towards your partner.
With an impressive palette of colors, we find many varieties available throughout the year.

10. Narcissus

Narcissus is a spring base that means rebirth and new beginnings.
These star-shaped flowers tend to be overlooked and undervalued,
but they have so much potential. Daffodils are beautiful and accessible.
In addition to their brilliant, classical color, daffodils are also
offered in a combination of both, white and yellow, orange and white.
Available from January to April.

11. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a beautiful flower that represents wealth,
devotion and friendship. Alstroemeria comes in a wide variety of nuances.
A single strain has an average of four flowers, and adds a maximum of
volume of all arrangements and bouquets.
Alstoemeria is available all year round.

12. Amaryllis

Amaryllis symbolizes pride, determination and radiant beauty.
The word “amaryllis” comes from the Greek word “amaryssein”,
which means “to shine”. Often associated with celebrations,
they are commonly used in centerpieces or inside a crown.
There is no wrong way to use these resistant flowers
available only in the cold season.

13. Anemone

Also know as windflowers, anemones
symbolizes anticipation and is believed to bring good luck and protects
against evil. I’m a great wedding flower looking for, coming in
a variety of natural and color shades. Colors include red,
hot pink, burgundy, blue and purple. If you are not a fan of the black interior,
they are also available with green interior.
A wide range of varieties are available from September to April.


Anthurium tropical is an exotic flower that
symbolizes hospitality and also represents,
goodness making these flowers heart-shaped
a perfect addition to your home. These flowers have a
waxy look and comes in six vibrant colors available all year round.


Astilbe flower is also know as the
feather flower and are said to have the meaning “I expect you”
or “I will wait” symbolizing the patience and dedication of the beloved person.
But do not let their delicate look fool you,
are actually pretty resistant flowers.
Asyelbies are available in white, red and
white colors and many more pink shades from May to November.

16. Bouvardia

Bouvardia symbolizes enthusiasm and is named in his honor
Charles Bouvard, who led the royal gardens in Paris
during the reing of Louis the XIII.
Bouvardia presents a beautiful clusters of flowers in shape
Of stars on delicate branches and are available in yellow, pink, red,
peach and white all year round.

17. Cale

Named after the Greek word for beauty, the cales are
traditional symbol of marriage and used to celebrate
major transitions in life. Cala fully exemplifies “magnificent beuty”,
while white paths are purity, honesty and innocence,
making it a popular choice for weeding bouquets.
Beside white, they are in pink, purple, yellow,
orange and more, available all year round.

18. Celosia

Celosia, also know as the crest of the rooster,
symbolizes uncomplicated affection.
They are looking for incredible texture and unusual style.
These coral-like flowers blend fabulously with garden roses,
proteus, anturium and the list continuous.
Celosia is a flower available throughout the year.


Dahlia is said to be dignity, elegance and good taste.
It is a favorite for weddings, available in a wide range of
bold, brilliant and beautiful shapes and colors.
Their large flowers offer a perfect balance of elegance.
Dahlia is available from June to October.

20. Delphinium

Delphinium is vivacity. The English word delphinium
comes from the Greek word for dolphin, which is delphis.
The name fits because of the long thin shape of the flower that
looks like the gentle mammal of the sea. Delphinium is,
also known as larkspur and it is
available from April to October.


A super flower to add texture, the freesia symbolizes sweetness
and innocence. Freesia is known for its sweet smell and look absolutely
gorgeous as a stand alone option. You can find the freesia in a variety of colors,
such as white, purple, orange, yellow and more,
available throughout the year.


Helleborus is certainly known for its beauty
and its ability to add interest in nay floral arrangement.
Available in winter and spring, these versatile flowers blend well
with flowers like ranunculus, roses, aneomones or any flower
which has a romantic look.


These full-bloom flowers are considered to represent emotion and perseverance.
They can also be used to express gratitude.
Hortenses come in shades of white, pink, green and blue
(it is one of the few flowers that have a natural, true blue color).
Although available throughout the year,
the most beautiful ones are found in April - September.


Eustoma has a variety of meanings,
including gratitude, charm and an eternal connection.
Its bell-shaped flowers are available in pink, purple,
white, apricot, yellow and green throughout the year.


Peonies are known for large inflorescences and for
sweet floral smells, which makes them totally irresistible.
That's why this stunning flower is one of the most sought-after flowers
although it has a short availability (April - September)


These fantastic buds are the perfect choice when you add
depth and texture of floral arrangements.
Their soft, round shape and abundant delicate petals make them a unique addition to anything,
from elegant bridal bouquets to modern arrangements.
Ranunculus is also available in a range of colors
fun and beautiful from the month of September until May.